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Who the hell is Rebel-County and what do they actually do?

This or at least something similar has been on our website for many years.

But how did it all start?


In spring 1991 Rebel-County was founded. Our motorcycle enthusiast friends were now able to buy all their accessories under one roof. The endless search for belt buckles, boots, shirts or other accessories was now over.

1994 wholesale was added to retail. Thanks to good contacts in the USA, this aspect was developed and now accounts for a major part of our business.
The collection was changed at Rebel-County for the first time in 2001. The Country and Western offer was reduced and owner Götz-Michael Felix carefully developed contacts in the UK to ensure the provision of fantasy, gothic and tribal products in the Rebel-County store.

Since the middle of 2001 Rebel-County has distributed products from the world-leading manufacturer in gothic and fantasy shirts, Spiral Direct Ltd. with increasing success. Rebel-County is the manufacturer’s distributor in Germany.

Since then more international brands have been added. Together with Mobtown Chicago, Yujean and Master Pieces requests came from major companies in the USA that were looking for a German distributor and they found one in Rebel-County. Rebel-County has the exclusive rights to distribute Mobtown Chicago products in Europe and is the exclusive distributor of other brands in Germany.

In 2010 Götz-Michael Felix founded his own fashion label under the name Ordo Nigra.
Dresses, corsets, bodices, skirts, jackets and trousers for women and jackets and shirts for men can be found here . Go to Shop.

Today there are around 8,500 items in the Rebel-County store line. For Götz-Michael Felix and his professional and dedicated team, customer service is not just an idea. “We’d break our back for our customers to provide a quick and punctual delivery, often in adverse conditions and with extreme manufacturer’s delivery times.” Customer service also means providing our customers with comprehensive item and order-related information.

We have a select range and do not sell mass produced goods. 

Photo of the owner:
Götz-Michael Felix
Goetz-Michael Felix
Owner / Rebel County Store Bielefeld

Service Hotline +49 (0) 521-150475
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